JavaSWF2 - A Java Toolkit for Macromedia Flash(TM) Parsing and Generation

JavaSWF2 is a set of Java packages that enable the parsing, manipulation and generation of the Macromedia Flash(TM) file format known as SWF ("swiff").

JavaSWF2 is available as Java source code under the JavaSWF2-BSD License - which is a BSD License that is compatible with the GPL.

This release is of Alpha quality - which means that it is not feature complete and has not been thoroughly tested. However, there are no known major problems as of the date of release.

A Yahoo Group has been set up for discussion of the code, reporting bugs and issues and sharing comments -

The documentation is still rudimentary and will be improved over the next few weeks, independently of any code releases.

Download the source:

2003.07.29 Snapshot of SourceForge CVS with MX compression support -

2002.07.11 Interim Patch -  - Changes

2001.08.20 Alpha -  - Changes

2001.07.26 Alpha -  - Changes

2001.07.21 Alpha -  - Changes

2001.06.26 Alpha -  - Changes

2001.06.25 Alpha -  - Changes

2001.06.18 Alpha -

The original (now unsupported) JavaSWF can be found here.